Today (19 May 2018) I kicked off the build and installation of a Raspberry Pi zero with an 900 MHz Explorer Hat from Enhanced Radio Devices.


You might know that my son is a Type One Diabetic and we've been using an openaps system for some time now. We were lucky to get an Intel Edison and the edison explorer board earlier this year and we've been "looping" ever since. Sadly, the edison is discontinued and supplies are dwindling so a new hardware platform was needed.

So it has been relatively smooth sailing with the edison, but as with all electronic devices, they don't work for ever. So I'm experimenting with a backup system in preparation for the eventual failure of the primary edison 'rig'.

From there I followed the pi rig install instructions

As often happens with these things, it didn't work first time:


I did some searches and found some people using different apps with issues. These posts suggested that the error was related to conflicting python versions. Then I found a post that suggested to just repeat the command. So, I repeated the install command(s) and it worked!

I eventually reached a point where I was presented with a prompt that said:

Press Enter to run oref0-setup with the current release (master branch) of oref0,
or press ctrl-c to cancel.

OK. So I don't want the master branch so I bailed out with control-c.

Then it is a matter of trying out some dev branches. In the absence of any obvious install instructions in the main docs refering to this hardware, I chose to experiment with the 0.7.0-dev version.

cd ~/src/oref0 && git checkout 0.7.0-dev && git pull


npm run global-install

and wait....

It will finally finish and then its a matter of running the ordinary setup script.

cd && ~/src/oref0/bin/

The explorer HAT was detected and it gave me a choice of installing the GO code as a binary or from source. I chose 'S' for source figuring that would be better for experimentation.

Explorer Board HAT detected. 
Would you like to [D]ownload precompiled Go pump communication library or build them from [S]ource? [D]/S

I then entered details of my spare pump and testing nightscout site.

I noticed an npm error but things seemed to continue:

/root/src/oref0/ already exists; pulling latest
Already up-to-date.
Checking oref0 installation
npm ERR! invalid: [email protected]ev /usr/local/lib/node_modules/oref0
npm ERR! not ok code 0
Installing latest oref0 from /root/src/oref0/

Eventually it built. I let the script update cron. Let's see what happens next....